HylaFAX Enterprise

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HylaFAX Enterprise Advanced Clustering

For customers who need to scale their fax infrastructure beyond a single server, or for those who wish to build redundancy into their systems, we offer the advanced clustering module for HylaFAX Enterprise. This one-time purchase allows you to join an unlimited number of HylaFAX Enterprise servers together into one logical unit that distributes fax traffic intelligently across all servers, while transparently recovering from unexpected hardware or software failures on any of those servers.

Taking Fax to a New Level

A single HylaFAX Enterprise server on modern server hardware can scale to 120 channels, and the clustering module supports an unlimited number of servers. We place SQL database servers at the base allowing your cluster channel count to grow as your database increases. As a guideline, we have found that 20 servers with 120 channels are easily within the capability of a basic database running on a single server.

HylaFAX Enterprise High Availability

For many of our customers, fax is a core part of their business. Whether they’re faxing trade confirmations, mortgage loan closing documents, or dispatching emergency services they have one need in common – the faxes must keep flowing. A HylaFAX EE cluster tracks the status of each job centrally, distributing jobs intelligently across all available servers. Should any server experience a hardware or software failure, jobs are automatically migrated from that failed node to a healthy server for transmission.

Because of the complexities in clustering envionments, please contact a representative to discuss how HylaFAX Enterprise Advanced Clustering can be used in your organization.