HylaFAX Installation Package


Quick Overview

HylaFAX is a very powerful, and highly configurable fax server that can be installed on a very large number of *NIX operating systems. When correctly installed and optimally configured, a HylaFAX server will deliver exceptional reliability and performance. If your company needs a fax server you can depend on, but you’re new to HylaFAX and can’t afford to spend countless hours poring over manual pages, how-tos and mailing list archives looking for HylaFAX “best practices”, then our HylaFAX installation package may be the solution for you.

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Our HylaFAX experts have a great deal of experience in installing robust, reliable fax servers. In our experience, a typical install can require up to 6 hours of a senior engineer’s time, and so we price our installation package at the flat rate of $495, which represents a considerable savings over our standard hourly rate. What to expect Installation will be done remotely, via SSH (secure shell). We will configure HylaFAX to work with your modem(s) when possible, and advise you on recommended replacements in the event they are not compatible. A standard install will include the ability to a) send faxes and b)receive faxes and either route them to email, save them on a filesystem location, send them to a printer, or any combination of these actions. You will be asked to test each and every aspect of the installation. Advice will be given on how to allow client software packages to send outbound faxes via the server, and our engineers will be happy to answer any other questions you might have once your installation is complete. To begin Shortly after your purchase you will be contacted by an iFAX support engineer to arrange the installation.

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