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The Dialogic® Brooktrout® TR1034 Fax Boards are high-performance, intelligent fax boards that offer TDM (analog, DID, BRI, T1/PRI, E1/PRI) fax capabilities. Inbound fax routing makes the Brooktrout TR1034 boards suitable for many computer-based fax applications, including document management, business process automation, and regulatory compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and Basel II.

Available in both PCI and PCI Express (PCIe) formats, Brooktrout TR1034 boards deliver unparalleled call completion at fast connection rates across a wide variety of fax machines and line conditions.

Dialogic delivers time-tested industry-leading fax technology, offering a broad range of fax products. The Dialogic® Brooktrout® T.30 Stack has been deployed for more than 20 years.

Powerful DSPs dedicated to media processing

Provides real-time processing of complex operations (such as V.34 fax receiver and transmitter, voice compression, and echo cancellation) without reducing overall system performance, which lowers implementation costs

Analog, DID, BRI, T1/PRI and E1/PRI interfaces

Supports a broad range of configurations

Based on V.34 fax standard for mission-critical fax deployments

Can process faxes at twice the speed of V.17 fax boards

Inbound fax routing

Supports fax servers, fax-to-email, unified messaging, fax document management, workflow and document delivery, and systems that comply with government regulations

Field-proven T.30 implementation

Helps to deliver faxes consistently and with high reliability