Entry Level HylaFAX Enterprise Turnkey Fax Server


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Affordable yet Powerful!
The Entry Level HylaFAX Enterprise Turnkey Fax Server is ideal for small to medium sized businesses seeking to lower fax costs and increase office productivity by eliminating traditional fax machines. Support for up to eight analog lines with either Mainpine or Dialogic Brooktrout fax boards. Also suitable when a rack-mount server is not desirable.

HylaFAX Enterprise includes:
– Web Interface
– 50 HylaFSP Windows clients
– Fax Over IP Support / T.38 Support
– SQL Integration
– Barcode Scanning
– Brooktrout TR1034 Support
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* For FoIP/T.38 servers please contact sales.
* $599 is for the physical server only. Please configure with HylaFAX Enterprise software, modem, and support below.

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HylaFAX Enterprise Turnkey Fax Server Includes:

– HylaFAX Enterprise Edition, the operating system, and the full HylaFAX Enterprise Tool set
– The choice of using Mainpine or Dialog Brooktrout Fax Boards
– 50 HylaFSP workstation licenses (Windows and/or OS X)
– 1 Year Basic Hardware Warranty Repair: 5×10 HW-Only, 5×10 NBD Onsite

Case: Tower
Processor(s): Intel 2.4GHz or higher processor
Memory: 2 GB DDR2 667Mhz
Hard Drives: 500GB SATA 7.2K RPM hard drive or higher
DVD Drive: 16X DVD-ROM
Network Adapter: On-Board NIC
Raid Level: none

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs