HylaFAX Enterprise

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HylaFAX Enterprise offers a complete toolset for enabling your applications to interface with the HylaFAX engine. Connect your new or existing fax application with the following connectors.


Submitting documents to HylaFAX Enterprise from your applications can be accomplished by simple smtp. Applications create and attach a PDF, TIFF, TXT, or MS Word/Excel file to a new email, address the fax number to the To: address, and send! The smtp server located on the HylaFAX Enterprise host will convert and send as a fax.

sendfax Command Line

The robust command line utility for HylaFAX Enterprise is sendfax. This tools is an efficient method for users and applications to submit documents directly to the HylaFAX engine from the HylaFAX server or a RHEL/CentOS based host application.

Java, Perl, Delphi APIs

Integrate your existing application with the leading APIs such as Java, Perl, Delphi, and more. A complete list can be found on the HylaFAX Open Source website.

HylaFSP - Windows Connector

Although HylaFSP is designed for desktop functionality, our users have also been successful in using it programmatically within their Windows applications. Please visit our HylaFSP FAQ section to learn more on creating a VB script.

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