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Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034+P8H-E1-1N-R PCI


Quick Overview

Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034+P8H-E1-1N-R 8-channel PCI fax board.



The Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034+P8H-E1-1N-R PCI Express Fax Board is a high-performance, intelligent board that offers both TDM- and IP-based fax capabilities. The Brooktrout Brooktrout TR1034+P8H-T1-1N-R is suitable for a variety of network- based fax applications and can be integrated with document management and business process automation systems to support compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and Basel II.

As companies move to VoIP networks, the versatile Brooktrout TR1034+P8H-E1-1N-R PCI Express can provide an easy migration path from traditional TDM-based fax systems to hybrid and all-IP fax systems. In addition, Dialogic works with leading IP-PBX and gateway vendors to ensure fax interoperability.

Available in both PCI and PCI Express (PCI Express) formats, the Brooktrout TR1034+P8H-E1-1N-R PCI Express delivers call completion at fast connection rates with field-proven reliability across a wide

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