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Advocacy - Our commitment to the community

iFAX Solutions is the principal commercial sponsor of, the home of the HylaFAX Open Source community. In addition to hosting and managing the primary website, our staff diligently maintains the following ancillary community resources:

Our company was founded on the principle of 'win-win': that commercial interests and those of the Open Source community surrounding HylaFAX could enjoy a synergistic relationship. It's no surprise that our engineers have contributed a great deal of code back to the community - they are in fact paid to do so. Our customers have deployed HylaFAX in ways we could have never foreseen, on a wide variety of platforms, and pushed it to the limits in almost every way imaginable. They have discovered issues and/or bugs in HylaFAX that were previously unknown, and through our work with them we have been able to fix the bugs and contribute those fixes back to the community.

We take the model one step further through our HylaFAX Code Amnesty Program (HylaCAP). If your company has improved any aspect of HylaFAX but for some reason cannot disclose this publicly, or if you lack the developer resources to contribute your changes and shepherd them through the Open Source development process, we are standing by to help.

Finally, we remain committed to not only maintaining, but improving the community resources we manage. If you have a suggestion as to how we might improve the existing infrastructure, or if you believe there's something missing from the mix, please email us with your suggestions.