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HylaFAX Enterprise Fax Software

HylaFAX Enterprise, the leading fax server for business!

Since its release to the public in 1991, HylaFAX has grown to become one of the world's most popular fax servers. Today, iFAX Solutions expands on this platform by adding the features required by enterprise and high volume fax customers. Explore why HylaFAX Enterprise is the preferred fax platform for top businesses as well as the most robust, stable, and scalable fax platform available.

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HylaFAX Enterprise Key Features
Fax over IP / T.38

Next generation Fax Over IP technology for today's converged voice/data networks.

Clustering and High Availability

Data loss leads to business loss. Enable your fax services for high availability and redundancy.


Reduce hardware and software costs by incorporating fax into your virtualized environment

Desktop, Email, & Web Faxing

Bring faxing to the commonly used user applications - Email, Print-to-Fax, or web interface.

Dialogic Brooktrout Fax Support

Mission critical faxing requires the leading fax technology. HylaFAX Enterprise includes support for Brooktrout fax boards.

SAP Connector

Connect your SAP to your HylaFAX Enterprise server and automate company fax activities with HylaSAP.

API Connectors / SDK

Connectors and SDK’s allow HylaFAX integration for your applications on leading platforms. Lean more...

Barcode and Advanced Routing

Route and deliver important documents automatically through barcode recognition.

SQL Back-end

Comprehensive SQL database back-end offers powerful integration and reporting capabilities.

Simple Installation and Setup

The fastest installation of HylaFAX! Available in rpm or ISO installation formats to get your server up and running fast!

How does your business need to fax?

Versatility in fax server software allows integration into any network environment and phone line connection type. Below are examples of commonly used topologies to help integrate into your business.

Traditional Fax Server Deployment
Traditional fax deployments tie desktop faxing from the workstation to the network and then to the fax server. The fax server contains analog or PRI modems that connect directly to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).

Fax Server Deployment with a PBX
Customers utilizing a PBX have analog or PRI lines from the PSTN, into the PBX, and then out of the PBX and into the HylaFAX Enterprise server via analog or PRI fax boards. Having calls route through the PBX allows call security and accounting procedures in place for your telecommunication needs.

Fax over IP (FoIP) HylaFAX Enterprise Deployment
Companies benefiting from a VoIP infrastructure or looking to introduce Fax Over IP to reduced costs and increase productivity use HylaFAX Enterprise's boardless solution to send and received faxes over the network or internet. Faxes are carried from the fax server, through the network to either a IP PBX, IP T.38 enabled gateway, or over the internet to a T.38 service provider. Learn how your company can benefit from FoIP!

What are the differences between HylaFAX Open Source and HylaFAX Enterprise?

HylaFAX Open Source was born to expand the functionality of the standalone fax machine by bringing efficiencies to the business place. Soon requirements of mission critical fax applications and platforms were needed and available only through commercial enhancements and support. As the core developers and sponsors of HylaFAX, iFAX Solutions is proud to offer both versions to satisfy our customers needs.

Key Features HylaFAX Open Source HylaFAX Enterprise
Fax Over IP (FoIP) / T.38
Easy Appliance-based Installation
Clustering Support
PRI Support
Brooktrout TR1034 Support
Included Web Interface
Email-to-FAX Support Built-in
HylaFSP HylaFAX Windows Client Included
TIFF, PDF, Text File Support
Microsoft Office Doc and Excel File Support
SQL Database Integration
Standard Reporting Capabilities
Advanced Reporting Capabilities
Built-in Barcode Reading Support
Advanced scheduling algorithm for least cost routing, priority scheduling and more.
Routing methods include DID, DTMF, by device and others
Commercial Support