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HylaFAX Open Source Edition

If you're in the market for a fax solution for your business, you've probably heard of HylaFAX. It has been the de-facto standard for faxing on UNIX and UNIX-like (Linux, BSD) operating systems for over a decade, due in large part to its freely available source code and a thriving user and developer community. In 1991 when HylaFAX was first released this was still a relatively novel way to write software - these days this phenomenon is known as Open Source, and most businesses now recognize the benefits of building mission-critical infrastructure on open standards and peer-reviewed software.


Connect faxing directly to your IT infrastructure to automate processes and improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

HylaFAX's modular design offers a rich variety of integration scenarios, making it an ideal foundation upon which to build mission-critical fax systems. A variety of interfaces exist, including a Java API, SMTP gateway, command-line tools and client-server protocol.

With the ability to scale to hundreds of ports per server, HylaFAX Enterprise Edition will grow along with your faxing needs.

Cost savings
The automation of faxing improves efficiency and reduces labor expenses. In addition, V.34 speed faxing and 2D-MMR compression dramatically reduce call duration, saving toll charges and increasing throughput.

Designed from the ground up for stability in mission-critical fax installations, HylaFAX Enterprise Edition ensures fast and stable fax transmissions. System monitoring provides notification in case of delivery failure.

Fax from the desktop
Users can send faxes directly from their desktop. Clients are available for Windows, Macintosh and Unix.

For more detailed information regarding the features available with HylaFAX Open Source, please visit, the home of the HylaFAX Open Source community.

HylaFAX Open Source is available for free from There you will find the source code which can be compiled to run on most flavors of Unix/Linux. Binary packages are available for download from several sources, including the official HylaFAX download page at and