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iFAX Solutions is a worldwide leader in providing enterprise fax solutions. As faxing has evolved, from individual fax machines in small offices to large corporate installations sending thousands of faxes an hour, fax software has evolved with it. iFAX Solutions looks to take this evolution to the next level — by combining the revolutionary Open Source fax software HylaFAX with industry-leading hardware, service and support.

The HylaFAX project was founded in 1991 to create a world-class Open Source fax server. Steady development has built a robust, scalable architecture that can match the performance of any proprietary fax server. The Open Source development model that the HylaFAX project employs is one based on peer review; allowing anyone to see how the software runs helps to ensure that only the highest quality software is produced. It is upon this foundation that iFAX Solutions has created our flagship product, HylaFAX Enterprise Edition, which is an enhanced version of HylaFAX for our most demanding enterprise customers.

Our vision of providing enterprise-class faxing would not be complete without enterprise-class service and support. All of our customers, no matter how large or small, can benefit from this exceptional level of service. Whether we are building a custom HylaFAX installation for a Fortune 500 company or providing 24/7 support in a misson-critical fax environment, we are proud to offer an unbeatable level of service and an unparalleled depth of HylaFAX knowledge.

Founded by several core members of the HylaFAX development team in 2001, iFAX Solutions set out to revolutionize the fax market. We are pleased to be able to provide an unmatched combination of price, performance and service, and even more proud of our work with the HylaFAX project. By folding our improvements back into the Open Source version of HylaFAX we hope to foster the continued growth of this important movement.

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