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HylaFAX Support

iFAX Solutions provides technical support and consulting to users of the HylaFAX fax server. Since many of the core members of the HylaFAX Open Source project are employed by iFAX you are sure to receive the highest level of support possible. We can solve your HylaFAX problem and answer your questions quickly so that you can be sure your HylaFAX server is up and running. When you require the highest level of fax server support be sure to contact iFAX Solutions.

We offer two groups of annual support plans, Basic and Premium, which are broken into individual levels. The Basic Plans are a value-priced solution - but still provide the security needed for serious fax implementations. Our Premium Plans include 24x7 support and a guaranteed increase in response time that many of our entreprise-class customers require.

In addition to our annual support plans we offer two very important services to HylaFAX users.
  • If you find yourself stuck on a HylaFAX Open Source or Enterprise question, consider contacting us for per-incident support. This hourly approach to support can get your server back up and running smoothly without the need to commit to a support contract.
  • Perhaps you have chosen to implement a HylaFAX server but lack the necessary experience or time to install and configure it correctly. That's where iFAX installation support can save the day. For one fixed rate we will remotely install a copy of HylaFAX on your server, configure and test it to make sure everything is running properly.