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HylaSAP HylaFAX SAP Connector

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About HylaSAP
HylaSAP enables SAP users to automate all manual faxing activities. By integrating with your company's HylaFAX server you can bring the power of HylaFAX to your SAP implementation.

Easy to use
Users can fax any printable document directly from SAPoffice and receive faxes directly into their SAPoffice inboxes without ever having to know that a HylaFAX server was involved!

Seamless integration
HylaSAP is a powerful, robust implementation of SAPConnect, SAP's BC-CON integration scenario for faxing from their popular ERP system. Only minimal SAP configuration is required for deployment; no programming modifications to SAP or other core business processes are needed.

Fast implementation
There is no delay in implementation of HylaSAP throughout the enterprise, and no user training is needed.

Save time and money
The automation of faxing improves efficiency and reduces labor expenses.

Real-time status reporting
Email notification of delivery status eliminates the guesswork, either alerting users to failures or confirming successful delivery.

Open Source and Enterprise support
HylaSAP is supported on both the Open Source version of the HylaFAX software and our own commercial version, HylaFAX Enterprise Edition, which has enhanced features and functionality.

Platforms available
HylaSAP is currently available for Red Hat Linux, CentOS, and Oracle Linux. For information on support for other SAP platforms please contact iFAX Sales.