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AvantFAX Installation Package
AvantFAX makes faxing easy

With AvantFAX, it's easy to to view, send and archive faxes on your HylaFAX server, right from your web browser. Do you need a multi-platform, a multi-language, and a customizable solution? AvantFAX is all that, too! By integrating with your company's HylaFAX server you can bring the power of HylaFAX through a simple to web interface!.

Easy to use

Users can fax PDF files directly from the AvantFAX web interface, view the faxes online, download the faxes in PDF format, and search the fax archive. AvantFAX also allows administrators to manage users, their permissions, transmission lines, fax categories, and more.

Fast implementation

There is no delay in implementation of AvantFAX throughout the enterprise, and no user training is needed. AvantFAX is designed to be as easy as e-mail.

Save time and money

The intuitive and easy to use interface allows your users to spend less time viewing, sorting, and searching for faxes.

More Information

For more detailed information regarding the features available with AvantFAX, please visit, the home of the AvantFAX community.


AvantFAX is available for free from and can be installed on most flavors of UNIX/Linux.