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Code Amnesty Program

Code Amnesty Program

Does your company use HylaFAX?
Has your company made modifications to the code that would be beneficial to the greater HylaFAX community?
Are you reluctant to contribute these changes due to legal or strategic concerns?

If you answered yes to the above questions you are not alone. This is a relatively common situation for companies who embed or integrate HylaFAX into their products and power users of the software, and is a problem for the HylaFAX community. Luckily, whether your concerns are because of corporate liability issues or you simply do not want your competitors to know you use HylaFAX, iFAX has the solution.

iFAX Solutions has created the HylaFAX Code Amnesty Program (HylaCAP) for companies in this situation. By participating in HylaCAP you may be able to anonymously contribute your modifications back into the HylaFAX code base.

How HylaCAP works:
  • Contact iFAX Solutions, describing your situation and the modifications that you would like to fold back into the official code base.
  • If your situation falls under the HylaCAP program, you will be asked to send your modifications to iFAX for review.
  • Your code will be reviewed by iFAX's HylaFAX developers to see if it can and should be included.
  • iFAX will submit your code to the larger HylaFAX community and advocate for its inclusion on your behalf. Your company will remain anonymous throughout the process and will not be referenced in the code.

iFAX Solutions offers this program for free as a way of giving back to the community. We recognize that by folding these improvements back into the main code base everyone benefits: developers can contribute their code back to the project, companies do not have to maintain a private fork of HylaFAX, and the whole HylaFAX community gains from better software.

If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of HylaCAP, please contact iFAX Solutions today.